Consulting Services on CA PPM

Our advice and consulting services assure clients with any level of maturity in PPM to be able to maximize the value of return on investment involved in the implementation of the PPM software tool. We provide our clients with senior consultants who will analyse your strengths, weaknesses and objectives, a set of recommendations and improvements based on the years of experience of ODPE and on the best practices generated by the use of PPM. As a result of this joint collaboration, a series of maintenance task lists is given to help our clients to prevent expensive iterative developments, avoiding at the same time common application errors and revitalizing the value of the Project & Portfolio Management methodologies and proposals in the organization.

Our services include
  • Development and revision

  • Of the maintenance task lists of PPM processes needed by your organization and its integration in the CA PPM tool (before, Clarity).

  • Revision and verification

  • Functional and technical of the PPM solutions requests.

  • Advise services

  • On the configuration, infrastructure and customization of the CA PPM tool.

  • Advise services

  • On the CA PPM tool maturity in the organization and the application of the processes to optimize it.

  • Recommendations

  • Corrective tasks and system monitoring.

  • Audits

  • Of the quality of the data.

  • Assistance and tutoring

  • To directors and project teams.

Methodological solution


Our methodological solutions goes through the following stages:

· Iniciate & Setup

· Requirements

· Design

· Building & Test

· Deploy

· Close