OdPe Business Solutions® is an international company with Spanish origins specialized in assisting big business organizations efficiently and committed to the improvement and innovation of its organizational management systems through the technology consultancy services to achieve excellence in its portfolio management and the direction of its programs and projects.

OdPe Business Solutions® origin dates back 2003, in the context of the Project Direction and Management Master of the University of Valencia, moment in which the company takes shape with the objective of meeting the increasing demand of Project & Portfolio Management services in Spain. This idea, led by a group of professionals highly qualified in this field, together with other professionals from business and academic fields, materialize in 2004 with the creation of the Oficina de Proyectos Empresariales (OdPe) S.L with a common objective: to channel accumulated experiences from different management fields to cooperate with the Company Direction, facilitating decision taking and business management through Project & Portfolio Management.

Since then, in OdPe we have worked on the improvement and innovation of management systems in several sectors such as Banking, Insurance, Health, Energy, Chemistry, Technology, Telecommunications, Public Administration, Construction and Industry. Following a value strategy, in which we manage clients’ necessities, from the design of the solution, passing by its development and implementation, to the operational management and the consequent analysis of the results obtained.

Mission and values

The objective of our services is to increase productivity, performance and satisfaction associated to the time and money our clients invest every day in the development of their businesses, both in the executive area and in the work teams to obtain better global results each year.

Our mission is to generate value through knowledge, technology and innovation transfer to allow our clients to achieve greater performance levels. To that end, we actively promote the development and the evolution of methodologies and applications for Project & Portfolio Management.

Know-how accumulated for over a decade makes us a Project and Portfolio Management services company which works with market’s leading technology distinguished by the excellent quality of the service and the ongoing commitment to the clients and partners.

Our team

Andreu Llambrich

CEO - General Manager

Dr. Rafael Lostado


Alejandro Blasco

Business Consultancy Manager

Luis Esteban Dominguez

Risk Manager

Manuel Martínez

EMEA Business Development Manager

Hernando Restrepo

Commercial Director

Martin Quiroga

PMO Manager

Jorge Baixauli

Marketing and Communications Responsible

Juan Luis Vila

Agile Methodologies Manager

Marisa Sorribes

Quality Manager

Sonia Villanueva

Account Department

María del Pilar Fariña

Technical IT Consultant

Rocío Bernet

Program Manager

Xavi Domenech

Technical IT Consultant in CA PPM

Miquel Ribes

Technical IT Consultant in CA PPM

Carlos González Contel

Technical IT Consultant in CA PPM

Amparo Puertes

Technical IT Consultant in CA PPM

Esther Jiménez

Technical IT Consultant

Carla Barchino

Technical IT Consultant in CA PPM

Amaru Contreras

Technical IT Consultant

Alberto Guaita

Technical IT Consultant

Daniel Marín

Technical IT Consultant

Dario Rodriguez

Technical IT Consultant

Blas Ortí

Technical IT Consultant